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Do you have any questions about PR, messaging, strategy or pricing? Ask anything and an experienced publicist from your industry will quickly answer your question within The PR App.


10 thoughts on “Questions? Ask the PR Experts

    1. Hi Mintse,

      Regardless of whether your budget allows for a boutique or a large PR Firm, you can still expect the same services — full-service PR Firms come in all sizes. For example, Macias PR is a boutique, full-service PR Firm.

      Check out our website to see if we provide the services you are looking for:

    1. Hi Laura,

      One thing should always hold true in the world of PR — the client comes first. If you can only work with a firm under certain terms, explain this to the PR Firm you are negotiating with. If your terms are a deal breaker for them, don’t settle. Continue your search for a PR Firm that will work around your needs.

    1. Hi Blair,

      Former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS, Mark Macias, wrote a blog on this topic:

      He says a journalist’s deadline will vary by beat and city but generally speaking, every TV reporter that files a daily story is under deadline three hours before the newscast. Many newspaper reporters with a daily beat must file their stories between 5pm and 7pm, so you should avoid calling them after 3pm.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      It takes a different kind of editorial thinking to get a feature placed in Forbes, according to Mark Macias – media strategist and owner of MACIAS PR. The Forbes editorial is one of many editorials and stories MACIAS PR secured for their clients in finance, technology and accounting.

      Macias says a story in this publication requires a strong, enterprise angle. It can’t be old news. It must be fresh and cutting edge. Macias also says publicist needs to know how to position the story and client so it doesn’t sound like a commercial. Smart and experienced reporters can read right through a PR pitch that is pushing advertisements. He says your idea must reveal insight and advice that only a thought-leader would understand.

      Check their website to see more:

    1. Hi Mike,

      We are the first free PR app designed to help business owners identify the best PR firms for their budget and industry. We have a curated list of the top PR firms in financial, healthcare, not-for-profit, service sector/retail and technology based on the firms’ media placements, media expertise and budget. Here is a two-step guide that will provide you background on a few PR firms that we recommend:

      For businesses that have a medium sized PR budget of $5501 to $8500, the PR App will take you to the Mid-Sized Tech PR firms with options that include MACIAS PR based in New York. MACIAS PR was also listed as one of the best PR firms in tech and healthcare among boutique PR firms.

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