Be Wary of Social Media Agencies

giphy-14.gifMany businesses outsource their social media to PR or digital marketing agencies. Unfortunately, some social media agencies play tricks on their clients. Here’s what you need to look at before you sign with an agency.

Make sure your business gets credit for the content.

Your business is paying for the content and Facebook page that a social media agency generates for you; all the clicks on your Facebook page should be forwarded to your own content. But sometimes a social media agency creates your business’ Facebook page and forwards all the SEO to themselves rather than your business. Check to be sure when you click on one of your Facebook posts that the content is forwarded to your own website.

Make sure you have the rights to the content.

Sometimes, social media agencies write into the contract that they own all the content they create for your business. This may seem fine at the time you sign, but you are not going to get anything in return for your money when the contract is over. Once you cancel the agreement, the agency will not give you access to the content they had created. You need to be sure you have the ownership and admin privileges.

Learn more in this video blog from a PR expert: