Boutique Financial PR Firms


Considering your budget, a boutique PR firm is the right match for your business. Three boutique PR firms that work with businesses in the financial industry are Macias PR, Feintuch Communications and Water & Wall Group. Learn more about the three firms below:


Macias PR develops every media campaign with an insider knowledge of the elements needed for a compelling news story that position your brand as a leader with the media. They work closely with their clients to develop the strongest narrative that ignites intrigue with journalists and consumers.

The founder of Macias PR, Mark M. Macias, has worked inside the newsrooms of NBC, CBS, KTVK, Arizona Republic and American Journal. As the Executive Producer with NBC in New York and CBS in New York, Macias approved and vetted story ideas from publicists, reporters, producers and viewers. This editorial and programming experience gives their passionate team an edge when it comes to securing prominent news placements. It’s like having an Executive Producer on your team.

Macias PR could be a good match for your business because they have led media campaigns for hedge funds, private equity firms, lending institutions, boutique wealth management and FinTech firms. Finance Monthly called Macias PR “the one public relations firm in New York that is completely revolutionizing the world of financial PR.”

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Feintuch Communications focuses on specific needs – such as media relations, new product launches and digital news rooms – as well as broader-based initiatives including industry analyst campaigns, trade and consumer outreach, awards and honors programs, speaking platforms and association marketing.

Feintuch Communications could be a good match for your business because their team has more than 40 years of experience in this market having represented every kind of financial firm from stock exchanges to hedge funds, hardware and software technology providers, investment banks and connectivity platforms. They have the relationships to help their clients solve communications challenges in all facets of their business.

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Water & Wall Group was founded on the convictions that the communications professional’s role must evolve if clients’ business success is the measure by which the firm’s own accomplishments are judged. They approach communications programming in the manner of a bygone era when business relationships were long term, work was artisan-like, and commitment to success had everything to do with driving clients’ top line growth.

Water & Wall Group could be a good match for your business because they have helped innumerable financial entities build their brands, articulate investment intelligencia, ironclad their reputations, navigate crises, and drive asset flows.

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