Boutique Service Sector/Retail PR Firms


Considering your budget, a boutique PR firm is the right match for your business. Three boutique PR firms that work with service sector/retail businesses are Macias PR, Full Scale Media and The Bulleit Group. Learn more about the three firms below:


Macias PR develops every media campaign with an insider knowledge of the elements needed for a compelling news story that position your brand as a leader with the media. They work closely with their clients to develop the strongest narrative that ignites intrigue with journalists and consumers.

The founder of Macias PR, Mark M. Macias, has worked inside the newsrooms of NBC, CBS, KTVK, Arizona Republic and American Journal. As the Executive Producer with WNBC in New York and a nationally syndicated NBC business show, Macias approved and vetted story ideas from publicists, reporters, producers and viewers. This editorial and programming experience gives their passionate team an edge when it comes to securing prominent news placements. It’s like having an Executive Producer on your team.

Macias PR could be a good match for your business because they have led publicity campaigns for service providers across all industries – legal, medical, nonprofit, financial services, B2B, realty, accounting, compliance, cyber security and others. Despite the diversity of these industries, one thing remains consistent: they secure prominent news stories for all of our clients on a continual basis.

Their insider media strategy has positioned their clients as industry leaders with the major trade publications and news organizations. These news stories also introduced their services to potential clients via third-party news sources, bringing more credibility to their business.

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Full Scale Media love to under-promise and over-deliver, hold their clients’ hands and educate them about the public relations industry (how it works and how to create newsworthy angles that attract and excite journalists) and they communicate with their clients daily.

They could be a good match for your business because with a combined two decades of experience and success, FSM clients benefit from their PR, writing, pitching and journalism backgrounds, and their ability to open doors for them that they thought impossible before working with their team.

They pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with their employees, clients and business partners.

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The Bulleit Group is a young and growing boutique PR firm, founded in 2012 by Kyle Arteaga and Alex Hunter. From the get­go, they’ve helped our clients tell stories that matter and get covered by the press. Whether you’re launching an enterprise app or a consumer device, or if you just got funded, they’ll make sure that your announcement will turn heads.

They could be a good match for your business because they have teams in San Francisco, Nashville, and Washington, D.C. consisting of anthropologists, data scientists, physicists, politicos, athletes, and journalists all turned master storytellers. They creative studio is built to create bespoke multimedia content.

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