Curated PR Videos


Here are the best videos we found around the web from PR experts. These videos provide practical advice and business insight that will help your PR partnership become more successful.

  1. Media Strategy in PR
    • This video provides insight into the importance of consistently generating new media campaigns – rather than recycling old ones.
  2. TEDx Talk: A Recipe for PR Success
    • This video explains why we must stop obsessing over big reach numbers in marketing and PR, and instead uncover the power of small numbers.
  3. Branding in Relation to PR, Marketing and Advertising
    • This video explains why branding is important in maintaining a consistent image to consumers.
  4. How to Approach Reporters
    • This video details how the right approach can make the difference between securing a story and losing a story.
  5. Different Strategies to PR
    • This video gives tips on some different digital strategies to get your message in the media and in front of consumers.
  6. Social Media and Your PR Strategy
    • This video forms a connection between social media and PR.
  7. Best PR Firms Understand Media Job Titles
    • This video describes media job titles and their duties.
  8. Does Personality Help with PR?
    • This video tells you why the best PR firms leverage their experiences rather than personality.
  9. The Importance of Being First
    • This video explains why it is important to be the first one on a news story when it comes to PR.
  10. How to Measure the ROI of PR
    • This video gives tips on how to measure the return on investment in a PR/media campaign.
  11. With PR, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s What You Know
    • This video explains why a good narrative is more important than connections in PR.