Choosing a PR firm based on location

navigation-2049643_960_720.jpgEven if your business is targeting customers in your local market, you do not need a local PR firm. This is because stories are rarely pitched to journalists in person. However, this doesn’t mean location doesn’t matter. East Coast PR firms typically have an advantage over West Coast firms because they are on the same time-zone as the national news organizations. Other reasons why you may want to consider an East Coast PR firm over a West Coast PR firm:

  1. East Coast firms are ahead in the news cycle.
    • Most news cycles only have a 24-hour shelf life. That means you only have a few hours to position your business into that news story.
    • If a story develops overnight, an East Coast PR team can work a client into the narrative earlier than West Coast teams and before morning news meetings take place. If you miss this morning news meeting, it’s harder to get a story approved.
  2. East Coast firms have more time to get a story in front of reporters.
    • By the time the workday starts on the West Coast, the typical workday for a journalist is almost half-way over.
    • Most reporters — even those working on the West Coast — have a 3:30 p.m. EST deadline.