How to ensure your PR firm is working on day one


  1. Have your visuals ready
    • Your PR firm will be able to sell your story more easily if you give them the complementary visuals in advance.
    • This way, they are able to start pitching to the media on day one. Plus, great visuals enhance your chances of getting a story on TV rather than in print.
  2. Have your company spokesperson ready
    • Select who will speak to the media on behalf of your company rather than waiting for your PR firm to go through a selection process.
    • Questions to ask yourself in order to identify who in your company would make the best spokesperson:
      • Who knows your product best?
      • Who is articulate?
      • Who has the CV to support your services as an expert?
      • Who is the best salesperson?
  3. Identify your PR point-person in advance
    • Identify a point-person to handle the logistics and communication with the PR firm. This streamlines the PR process and creates a more efficient workflow.
  4. Have your narrative ready
    • Make sure the idea process is streamlined in your company so that all company leaders are on board with the launch. This way, your PR firm can get to work pitching stories as soon as possible.

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