How to Vet a PR Firm: Which questions should you ask?


Before you hand them your business, here are some questions you should ask a PR firm to make sure it is the right fit for you.

  1. What is your strategy for media placements?
    • Strategy is the most important component, so force the PR firm to give you specifics. Make sure you understand the firm’s proposed strategy.
  2. How would you position my product or service?
    • Make the PR firm elaborate on how it sees your product or service. This tests how well they understand your brand.
  3. Will I work with you, or is someone else developing my media strategy?
    • Make sure you know who exactly is going to be representing your company to the media and developing your strategy — is it the top sales person who won your business or some inexperienced entry-level employee?
  4. What media have you secured for your clients?
    • If a PR firm can get clients from different industries into the same leading media outlets, it shows they have a strong understanding of media strategy.
  5. When can we see results based on your experiences?
    • The PR firm’s answer to this question indicates how confident they are with your potential business.
  6. What is your experience?
    • Look for a PR team composed of creative and critical thinkers rather than salespeople. This is because PR is about understanding what the media wants in a story — a strong narrative, a timely component and an assessment of the competition.
  7. Why is your PR firm better than others?
    • Listen for objective reasons on why their PR firm is the best.
  8. What is we don’t get along or I’m not happy with the results?
    • Make sure the PR firm will let you switch publicists or team leaders if you feel the need to.