Large Tech PR Firms

tech.pngConsidering your budget, a large PR firm is the right match for your business. Three large PR firms that work with businesses in the tech industry are Edelman, Ketchum and Walker Sands Communications. Learn more about the three firms below:


Edelman is the world’s largest independently owned public relations firm. Co-headquartered in New York City and Chicago, the American firm employs over 5,800 people.

Edelman could be a good match for your business because of its large global network. Its tech know-how spans more than 450 practitioners in nearly 30 countries.

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Ketchum is a global public relations firm headquartered in New York City. The agency has more than 130 offices and affiliates in over 70 countries.

Ketchum could be a good match for your business because it has over 100 professionals around the world serving clients in the tech sector. Ketchum’s 30-year-old tech pedigree is rooted in Silicon Valley; its deep relationships and veteran services are offered to tech companies from the start-up to multinational stage.

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Walker Sands emphasizes its foundation that links public relations and digital services. The firm focuses on public relations and marketing strategies for technology companies.

Walker Sands could be a good match for your business because of its expansive reach coupled with its narrow tech focus. This has allowed the firm to build relationships with the right people in the tech industry and delve deeply into the different segments of the tech industry.

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