Measuring the ROI and Success of PR

giphy-8.gifFrom the standpoint of ROI, cheaper PR firms actually tend to be more expensive over the long-term — a PR story may not always get placed regardless of the price you paid.

How to measure the ROI of PR

  1. Number of media placements:
    • This is the most common and direct way to measure how successful a PR firm is at getting your product or service out there.
  2. Sales Increase:
    • It can be difficult to assess the direct impact of PR on sales. A way to better track PR ROI is to create a special website link only accessible from the media campaign.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • As your business gets more media placements, search engines assume you have more credibility and give your website a higher ranking. This pushes you to the top of the search results, attracting new clients to your website.

Other aspects to look at that are less measurable:

  1. Credibility with customers
    • Media placements position you as an expert in your profession.
    • Consumers then also buy into the narrative, helping you close sales.
  2. Reader base demographics of media placements
    • Many news organizations publish the internal distribution numbers and demographics on their advertising pages.
    • These numbers show you how many and what type of consumer you are reaching.

Learn more in this video blog from a PR expert: